Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Fair Too!!

As I was considering where to go on my lunch hour on Friday (when I'd be on my own, instead of with a pal), I realized that there was a piece that I had seen on Wednesday that I really liked. I wondered if I would like it again. I did!! So, I bought it. Look at this:

That's pottery!! That was made by Kris Stewart, a member of the Potters Guild of Ann Arbor. It's about 12-15 inches long, about 3 inches wide and is, essentially, half a tube. The surface, though, is what got me. It feels like a birch tree. The texture is uncanny. This potter has done some serious study of the inspiration and of her techniques. It is a truly impressive piece, and I will say that it impressed me far more on Friday than it did on Wednesday. I think the big reason is that when I saw it on Wednesday I was just getting started on the fairs and didn't know what else was out there. On Friday, I was really paying attention.

As the lady was wrapping it, she mentioned that it's a bit fragile, and I realized that I was halfway to where my husband had parked the car. So, I headed to the car and went down a block of the fair I hadn't previously gone. There, I encountered a booth where Adam Egenolf uses a crystalline glazing process. I wish I could have gotten a good picture of the piece I bought, but it is a study in shades of white and simply didn't come out in my attempts. The pieces are very lovely, very unusual, and utterly amazing.

The second day of Art Fairs rain started as I was heading back to my office. (There is a rule in this area that if we get only one day of rain in July, that day will be during Art Fair, and the rain will be torrential and threaten tornadoes.)

After work, I headed for Main Street. I left work shortly after 5 and sent Hubby a note that I would be at his office by 6, so this was supposed to be just a sightseeing trip to the part of the fair I hadn't seen yet. Right. I stopped at a booth where Sandra Lima of Mount Gilead, Ohio, was selling collages. They were lovely. We got to talking. Of course I bought a piece. I think it was the brownies that got me here:
The piece is probably about 14" x 17" - I really should measure these things. I have a spot on my bedroom wall for this piece. (My kitchen walls are quite full, thank you!)

I want to remind you that if you are going to be in southeastern Michigan next weekend, the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild will be holding its biannual show at Washtenaw Community College's Morris Lawrence Center. Saturday, 9-5, and Sunday, 11-5. I'm the volunteer coordinator for the show and will be somewhere near the front of the show most of the weekend. Stop by and introduce yourself!

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