Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Those Who Love Us

I thought I would introduce you to the folks with whom I live. I love every one of these creatures as completely as I can, and I'm sure you'll see lovableness in each one from these pictures.

First up, is Hubby Dearest, cleaning up after dinner (what's not to love about that?). The end of next month, we'll have been married for 14 years. We met at church in our early 30s. I was in charge of the ushers, and he was one of the ushers. I thought he was hilarious and smart; unfortunately, he was engaged to be married. When she backed out of the engagement, I sort of made sure that he kept stumbling over me. At some point, he figured out I was always around, and we were married a few months later.
Next up (in age order), is The Big Guy. He came into my life a year before I got married. There's a long story about an abandoned kitten, etc. He is such a Mama's boy!
Then, we come to Baby Boy. He was born in the backyard of our old house. He soon realized that there were cuddles and food inside the house and put on a year-long campaign to move in. He's two years younger than The Big Guy, and they are best buddies. 

Next up is Little Bit. She was also born in the backyard of our old house, but she moved in with her mother. Her mother, however, decided she did NOT want to be a housecat and moved out after a year. She's about four or five years younger than Baby Boy. 

Princess lived in our condo before we did. The previous owners took her with them when they moved, but then they had another baby, and things were not working out. She moved in with us last summer, and we've all been happy about it, except that she wants to go outside and stay there until late in the evening. When this picture was taken, she was putting on an unsuccessful campaign to Go Back Outside Now.

Finally, we come to the Brat Cat, and there've been other pix of her on this blog. Her mother disappeared when BC and her siblings were about three weeks old. She is the Alpha creature of the house. When she's happy, we're all happy, and vice versa.

Now, for some actual craft content! I've been knitting on the Helix socks, and here's a picture of the current progress. I am LOVING this pattern - an easy-to-follow chart and pretty yarn.

I've also been sewing. This past weekend, I did up a small project (no picture, sorry) for DH to take in to his workplace for a silent auction. I also sewed some pre-made ribbon roses onto the showpiece quilt I'm putting in the guild's summer show. My goal is to get this quilt finished this weekend and post a picture next week. I have several other projects backing up in the sewing room. Arrgghh!! Where does the time go?

Finally, I finished reading Starkey's Elizabeth last evening and have started this book - one of the books I plan to present as an option for my book club to read next. I'll put up some notes next week. BTW, the Starkey book is well worth reading if you have any interest at all in the Tudors. It's well written and stuffed full of the kind of detail that makes you feel as though you're reading current political analysis. I give it a 9/10 rating.


Sara said...

Darling cats and I love the socks!

Kathryn - klc creations said...

You have a very nice family and I love their stories.