Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Sewing Plans

On Sunday afternoon, faced with three quilts that are due by mid-to-late-July, I decided to figure out some summer sewing for me. I respect the ready-to-wear industry, but I long ago stopped relying on it for anything other than underwear. Here's why: I am a middle-aged, overweight woman who works as an administrative assistant in a mid-level job where I'm surrounded by graduate students and professors who work in labs and dress in jeans. Have you looked at the clothing options out there for people "like me"? Did I mention I'm also cheap frugal? I refuse to dress in unflattering polyester-type pantsuits that make me look fat and sloppy?

You see, this is what I think I look like:

Does someone who looks like that dress in ugly clothes? I think not. So, I dress in pretty colors with flaring skirts and dresses that have defined waists that show off what figure I have without screaming at the world FAT!!! (For the record, my blood pressure readings have been consistently at or below 115/70 for the last 25 years, and my cholesterol reading is in the 180s.) I think I dress like a competent adult who has her own style. By making my own clothes, I can accommodate my body, pick flattering colors, and make sure there are pockets in the dresses and skirts. So there!

So, on Sunday afternoon, I pulled out a blouse pattern (that needs to be "upsized") and some pretty fabrics. After I cut out the blue fabric, I had the rogue thought that it looked like those "robes" they give you in the doctor's office. Every time I look at the fabric, I have that thought all over again. I have found another blue fabric that I will probably use instead.

I also pulled a skirt pattern from many years ago. I didn't look at the pattern very closely, but I'm not afraid to widen patterns and otherwise modify them. There is a fly front on this skirt that I will probably eliminate in favor of a back zipper.

Finally, I LOVE this fabric and will probably turn it into a vest. Isn't that a fun fabric? I also have a couple of other garment projects lurking in the closet.

For the next month or so, however, I will be be deep in quilt production mode; but at least I have some plans to indulge my wardrobe building.


Sara said...

I wish I could sew! You are very lucky to be able to make your own clothes. I am middle aged. I'm not overweight (thanks to a year of diet and exercise) and even after losing weight, I find it very difficult to find clothes that I like, flatter me and don't make me look like and old woman trying to be young.

Anonymous said...

I envy you the ability to sew that well. The best I can do is nightgowns (nobody sees how bad they are). I also like to make bags; schlep, diaper, totes etc.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

See, I'd turn that into a purse for the fall - such vibrant fall colors...Unfortunetly, I don't sew. Have a machine, break it every time. Do all sewing by hand....

Liz in Ypsilanti said...

Gracey, I LOVE your idea about a purse! I may do that. It really is pretty fabric.

Sara, I lost 40 pounds a couple of years ago and then messed up and gained about half of it back. Must get back on track.

KLC: We all have different interests and different skills. The trick is to find stuff you love and do it for fun.