Friday, May 7, 2010

Finished Objects Friday

Today, I am pleased to show off the two small quilts I have finished for the silent auction that will happen at our guild's quilt show this summer.

First up comes from a small top that someone else pieced, and I backed with a soft cotton jersey fabric. I thought this might work as a baby blanket. You can see that I did pretty minimal quilting in the ditch of the blue patches. In the sashing, I did simple diagonal lines, twisting the quilt 90 degrees each time I got to the edge of the sash. (Quilting is my least favorite part of the process.)

Yeah, the edges of the quilt are a little wavy. I'll steam it a little this weekend and see if I can straighten it that way. (Totally cheating, but I am NOT rebinding!)

I also quilted and bound one of the Scraptastic quilts. You'll see that I did echo quilting of all of the elements, putting the lines about 3/8" apart. For the binding, I simply folded over the back, straightened as I went, tucking as necessary (ooh!! naughty! The quilt police will catch that for sure!), and making it work.
It is not as wonky as it appears here, although I may go in and tack down the centers of those flowers a bit more.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.


yarnpiggy said...

Beautiful! I admire everyone who quilts; I love the finished results, but have no patience for sewing. :-)

Sara said...

Gorgeous! I so admire quilters.

Shellee said...

Those quilts are really pretty! Not wonky at all. We are always more critical of our own work I think.

Esch House Quilts said...

Love the echo quilting on your scraptastic flower! That binding is great too.

I have something in mind for the silent auction, but that is all it is so far!