Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gardening Fun

I really wanted to get up a post earlier in the week than this, but I spent two evenings this week after work putting plants in the garden. We live in a condo that has a small front yard. The previous owner really went to town with filling the yard with perennials (which was what I had done with the front yard of our house - so I felt right at home). It's been a real trick trying to find places to stash the tomato, pepper, and snow pea plants I like to put in.

So, the tomatoes are under the apple treee, between the blueberry bushes, and next to the front gate.

In this complex, if you have an end unit and want to landscape the area near your unit (and use your own money in the project), you are free to do so. So, I put some portulaca under the tree next to the driveway. I also created an herb garden last summer and have been adding to it as the whims occur. The local library held a fundraising plant sale this month, and that's where I got these plants. I also got a pink daylily plant and some nasturtiums to fill in another part of the public area.
It's not terribly exciting, but this is about as gardeny as I get.


Sara said...

I wish I had a greet thumb! Fresh, home-grown tomatoes are the best!

pip said...

It'll be lovely in bloom :)