Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowbound - NOT!

I work for a very large institution in Michigan that prides itself on never closing. While lesser institutions such as the state legislature might close for the day, my employer expected people to show up to work if they possibly could. I am really good with a snow shovel, and after spending close to an hour and a half yesterday morning (between 5:30a and 7a, if anyone is keeping score), I dug us out enough so that we could leave. Mind you, we live in a condo complex where a contractor comes through and plows our main driving areas as well as the public sidewalks. We clear the space from our front door out to the public sidewalks and then around our vehicles. 80 minutes....

Because so many (wiser) people took vacation days in my building, I had very little to do and was able to leave a little early (I claimed an hour of vacation time to keep everything honest) and went on my usual post-work exercise walk around campus. Crossing the "Diag" on Central Campus, I came across this display that summed up the frustrations of the day:


Delusional Knitter said...

LOL! That's a great display. My work is pretty much the same. Other facilities in the company even close, but not ours ... its too disorganized to meet quota for sales ... so we suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

Never say never! They closed when I was an undergrad in the early 70's. There was a major blizzard on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We were stuck on the expressway overnight just 15 miles out of town, along with lots of other people. They had to close as so many students, professors, and other employees were stranded trying to return from the Thanksgiving weekend.

Anonymous said...

I missed that display! What a hoot! I live far enough away and had a bad enough driveway that I HAD to stay home. (conveniently snow blower didn't work either) And you KNOW those students were not going to WALK (gasp!) in all that snow! LOL

P.S. Going to Knit Michigan tomorrow.