Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Up; Looking Forward

When last I posted, I was knitting as fast as I could. The last week before Christmas, I discovered that one of the cowls simply had no stretch and was continuing to bleed color. So, this one was not in the present mix:
I do want to make this cowl again, but I'll use a more conventional yarn and hope for better results. Soon after I discovered this problem, one of my intended recipients told me she is allergic to wool. At that point, I decided that she and one other person would get something else. That evening, we walked by Mix in downtown Ypsilanti, and I saw the cutest purse. So, yeah, I was one of the people out on Christmas Eve getting the last few items.

On Christmas Eve morning, I finished the Molly Stark scarf for my sister. Here are a couple of pictures of it blocking. I should have taken my camera to family Christmas, but I forgot.
I ended up using Malabrigo Worsted for this because the colorway was closer to what my sister had requested. I really liked the way this turned out.

I also made a cute little scarf for my great nephew from the Toddle pattern on Knitty. You'll just have to imagine that scarf in the leftover teal yarn from the Every Way Wrap I finished back in the summer. My niece has promised to get a picture to me.

Another project I worked on was this:
This was the entrance to my laundry/craft area. The cat litter boxes contain my dyeing supplies. Now this area looks like this:
The next shelf up has the orange bucket and the laundry baskets. I can't believe it took me living here for four years to finally get around to properly organizing this area. We are looking for a new home for the table (it's particle board with a sturdy laminate on top and metal legs; there's an extra leaf that makes the table big enough to seat 6-8 people). I will probably call Friends in Deed so that this goes to a family needing a nice table.

Finally, I have been working on the Fruit Salad quilt. Here is the result of three days of making a lot of mistakes and fixing them. It has almost seemed as though I have been relearning basic skills with this.
The sections aren't yet sewn together, and I want to think about the setting. I have been thinking right along that I would use the white fabric that is along the edges as the setting blocks, and that would really make the dark cherry pieces stick out. I'm not in love with this quilt, but I think it's not half bad.

Now, for the part I've been dreading: A recap of the year's goals and the progress thereof. Here are the goals I listed for 2011 and the progress made:

  1. Continue reading serious books - there is so much to learn!  Yes! I did this.
  2. Read up on and attend some meetings regarding the drain commission and its work.* No, I did none of this.
  3. Get good at spinning with the spindle, smoothing out the yarn and making it thinner. No, I have simply not spent the time with this that I really do want to spend.
  4. Be a gracious volunteer coordinator for the guild's weekend of workshops at the end of July. Yes, I did this and had a lot of fun doing it and have told the powers that be I will not continue as volunteer coordinator after the 2012 guild quilt show.
  5. Do not volunteer to make soul-sucking quilts - if they hurt to make, maybe they shouldn't be made. Yes, I held to this. I did spend a couple of afternoons with annoying projects for door prizes for the guild's weekend of workshops, but that's part of being a community member.
  6. Finish the Cone Nebula quilt. Yes
  7. Play with screen printing and other techniques. Yes, but not as much as I would have liked.
  8. Finish the Every Way Wrap and make other fun-to-knit projects Of course!
  9. Post here at least twice a week - Wednesdays and Saturdays Umm, no. Sorry
Here are my goals for 2012:
  1. Read books that are not "assigned" by book clubs.
  2. Get back to posting here on Wednesdays - What I'm Reading
  3. Pick a community service project and stick with it - will I continue on the condo association board or not? If not, what will I do instead?
  4. Schedule an evening a week at the spinning wheel (and/or with the spindle).
  5. Make the two "art" quilts I have in my brain. They've been locked up there for too long.
  6. Make the socks I've been promising myself since August. I keep letting other projects get in the way.
  7. Make a wonderful quilt for my nephew and his sweet wife.
  8. Have a lot of fun with my volunteer projects for the quilt guild - running the fabric sale and serving as volunteer coordinator for the quilt show.
  9. Finish the rag rug I started in November, 2010....
Oh, the rag rug! My small sewing group gets together during the holiday week, and this is what I worked on during small group day this year.
That's all for now. I need to go read so that I have something to blog about on Wednesday. Thank you for your patience.

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Esch House Quilts said...

You accomplished a lot in 2011. I've been trying to sit down and work on a list of goals but haven't got to it yet, but read more is definitely on the list.

Happy New Year!