Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decision Making Help, Please

Before I get to the help request, I want to show off a finished object (or set of objects) - yep, the socks are done!!

Yay!! I've started in on Abby, using the soysilk and bamboo yarn that I finished spinning during the Tour de Fleece this summer. Okay, I'm gauge swatching, but I've got the yarn wound into center-pull cakes, and I have needles going. Basically, I went on Ravelry and searched for patterns that used under 300 yards of mixed-weight yarn. We'll see how this works out.

Now for the help request. I've told you about my friend, Enabler, who is one of the gals in the quilt guild responsible for pulling together kits of donated fabrics and blocks for people to turn into quilts for SAFE House, a wonderful and worthwhile local agency. Well, she gave me a kit a few months back that I rediscovered in my sewing room last month while looking for something else. I pulled the materials out yesterday and here are the blocks:
and the accompanying fabrics:
and the original maker's diagram and notes:
Well, I started auditioning fabrics for that "C" position in the middle. Here is the fabric she had in mind:
Here are some other fabrics I auditioned from my stash:
I showed these pix to hubby, and we both agreed that the etoile (original), the light blue with suns, and the white with tulips should be eliminated. He really likes the orange, but prefers the blue. I really like the burgundy. Anyone out there have an opinion? That's the first request for advice.

He asked me where I was going with this, and I realized that I was getting ready to commit probably two or three weekends, at least, to a project that leaves me feeling "bleah!" After talking things over with him, I put the fabrics back in the bag and worked on the Peppermint Candy quilt that really pleases my eye. So, here's the second question: Should I just make a contribution of the dark blue fabric to the bag and hand it back to my friend at the next guild meeting, suggesting that someone else should have the fun?

I am seriously leaning in this direction. Something about being 50 and finally knowing that the world won't fall apart if I don't do the particular project . . . . In the meantime, Hubby did say something about the orange fabric and the burgundy fabric being in a project together; that thought had not occurred to me, but I'm having some seriously happy thoughts about maybe fussy cutting some blocks with those leaves and framing them with the burgundy and setting them in an off-centered sort of pattern. THAT would be a fun project!

Have to show you why I put up with bad behavior from a certain someone - because little Miss Brat Cat is capable of being SO darned cute! Next week will be the sixth anniversary of our finding kittens under our porch and deciding that the little tortoise-shelled one should stay with us. Gaaadd!! I LOVE this creature!

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Vivianne said...

Please tell me you went with the burgundy - it's perfect.