Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I'm Watching, part 2

After I signed off this morning, I thought about the movies I saw this past year, and I realized that there was one movie I saw twice in the theater and would gladly have paid to see a third time, and that was the new Star Trek movie (at least I think it was this past year). Now, I have lived in the world of Star Trek ever since I was a little kid in the late 1960s, and my mother was adamant that there was to be no kid-initiated disturbances in the house on Thursday evenings. In my teens I read synopses of all of the episodes (there were books with these synopses in short story form). The year I graduated from college, the first movie came out. In my late 20s the first of the new series started. I have never attended a convention, but I have seen at least some of the episodes of all of the series (I don't remember the cartoon series from the 1970s, though), and I have seen all of the movies in the theater (sometimes more than once).

A few years ago, after we'd been to Galaxy Quest, I was describing it to a co-worker as a parody of Star Trek. "I have never seen any of the Star Trek shows or movies," she said. I blurted out, "You have my deepest sympathies." Neither of us knew what to make of the other, but I have never been able to mention such things around her again in all the years we've worked together. What a tragically limited life she's lived!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm not just about British history in my tastes in literature and movies. I've definitely earned the geek credentials.

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Esch House Quilts said...

I've only seen some of the original Star Trek TV series in reruns, but have seen all the subsequent TV series' and all the movies. Most of this courtesy of my husband, but I enjoyed it all including the newest movie.