Monday, November 29, 2010

Cone Nebula Quilt - Part 3

I have completed the second section of the quilt, and I thought I would show you how I sew together a block so that I keep all of the pieces in order. This is especially critical in a quilt where there is not a regular pattern to the blocks. In other quilts I've made with the kaleidoscope block, I've only used three colors, and it's been easy to keep track of where I am. With this complicated design, I've had to get very systematic. So, I lay out a section of 15 blocks.

(This is seen from the right end of the section.) I use a specialty ruler to cut out the pieces. (The ruler is two floors away from this computer, and I'm not running upstairs to get the brand name. Any quilt shop or big-box craft store with a selection of rulers will probably offer these rulers.)

I start off by going through and sewing all of the corner triangles onto the long triangles.
Then I lay the solo triangles on top of its neighboring dual triangle.
I stack those in order and take them to the sewing machine.
I sew the pairs together and press the seams open. (I press most of my seams open, not to one side or other. This make for flatter seams, and it's easier for me to line up the seams when sewing units together.)
Then I sew together the pairs of triangles.
When I have two sets of pieces,
I sew the final seam in the block.

Then I start at the upper left of the section and sew together one block at a time, going row by row. I sew the blocks together as I complete them and sew the rows together as I sew them. Here is the second section, all sewn together.

As I was working yesterday afternoon, I was not the only one working in the sewing room. The Brat Cat, when she wasn't walking around on the table, moving my pieces around, was primping.
Meanwhile, Hubby Dearest and Princess Kitty were cuddling.
Here is a shot of the craftwork done by the kitties in the house (note the upper right corner of this picture) as well as the princess getting some extra attention from her favorite fellow.
Finally, this weekend, I made the family's fruitcakes. My mother started making fruitcakes in the mid-1960s, and when she died seven years ago, as the oldest daughter, I picked up the banner and am carrying it forward. Here's a shot of the prep (it took about three hours from the time I walked into the kitchen until the cakes went in the oven).
Here are some of the fruitcakes (if my sister sees this, please note that I used the "atomic" cherries; you and your daughter can stop hyperventilating about whether I'm ruining the family's Christmas).
Really, finally, here's Baby Boy being cute - which is what he does best.


Anonymous said...

Liz - Just saw your post on Pillars of the Earth. I read that. Great book. Took me 6 weeks to read it but I sure enjoyed it. Saw the mini-series. Uh, thumbs down. A bit too soft porn for me. Leave me something to the imagination, will you? I understand there's another book, World Without End, that deals with the descendants of the characters of Pillars. But way in the future. If it's as long, I'm not going to read it.

See you soon,

Sara said...

I find it so touching that you are continuing your mother's fruitcake tradition.

Esch House Quilts said...

That quilt is going to be so amazing!!